Christmas treats

For weeks now I’ve been planning what I’m going to bake for Christmas. ‘Tis the season after all. I’ve been trying out various new recipes, to ensure that they’ll be perfect by the time it’s Christmas, because we don’t want any baking disasters at the very last minute. I’ll definitely be baking gingerbread and thumbprint cookies, both gluten-free of course. I’m afraid I will need to bake another batch of thumbprint cookies beforehand though, because presentation-wise they’re still a bit, how shall I put it? Rustical is probably the best way to describe it. They don’t look very attractive, but they taste great if I may say so myself. Apart from the cookies I’ll be baking a bread for Christmas morning, and I’m thinking about doing some sort of cake or pie as well. Perhaps a lemon meringue pie, or flourless chocolate cake.

photo (3)
My very first batch of gingerbread cookies.


These are the cookie cutters I ordered on Amazon. They should be here next week, and then I can make proper winter themed cookies. Can’t wait!


What will you be baking this Christmas?



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