Winter Reads

Some people might disagree, but I tend to make a distinction between books that are real ‘winter reads’, and others that are more appropriate for reading during the summer. There are books that just have that certain vibe which is more appropriate to read during a particular season. So here are a few of my recommendations for books to read during those dark, dreary, cold winter months.

A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens

The Christmas Mystery – Jostein Gaarder

Wuthering Heights – Emily Brontë

Return to Cranford – Elizabeth Gaskell
return to cranford book

Dracula – Bram Stoker

Frankenstein – Mary Shelley

The Pianist – Wladyslaw Szpilman

The Little House – Philippa Gregory

The Turn of the Screw – Henry James
Turn of the Screw

Pillars of the Earth – Ken Follett

And a nicely added (Whovian) bonus, A Christmas Carol read by Tom Baker


Happy reading, and don’t forget to treat yourself to a cup of tea or hot chocolate!



4 thoughts on “Winter Reads

  1. readingreportsbylisa

    This month I decided to read all 5 of the Christmas novels by Dickens in order of their publications. I have completed A Christmas Carol, The Chimes, The Cricket on the Hearth and now I am reading The Haunted Man and The Ghost’s Bargain. Also, this month I read The Turn of the Screw and enjoyed it a lot. There are a few on your list that are on my TBR list, but there are also a few that I hadn’t heard of and will have to check out. Thanks for the list 🙂

    1. It’s my aim to read all of Dickens’ novels as well. I’m still on A Christmas Carol at the moment, but last month I got a clothbound boxset for my birthday that includes A Christmas Carol, Great Expectations, Hard Times, Oliver Twist, Bleak House, and A Tale of Two Cities. So I’m good on the Dickens front for a while.

      I had to read The Turn of the Screw a few years back for a literature class, and I found it to be a perfect winter read. Nice and spooky 🙂

      1. readingreportsbylisa

        I have set a goal for my self to finish everything that Dickens wrote by the end of 2013. Last month, I read David Copperfield and now I am half way through reading A Tale of Two Cities. Next month, I think I am going to read the Pickwick papers, but I haven’t fully decided. The Goodreads group The Readers Review: Literature from 1800 to 1910 has what they call the Dickens Project where they are reading all of Dickens’ Novels in order of publication. They have great discussions and they are very welcoming to anyone that wants to join them. I think, but I am not sure that The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit will be their next book to read. Whatever it is, I will be reading along with them. That boxset sounds like an awesome birthday gift! 🙂

        I agree, The Turn of the Screw was indeed nice and spooky.

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