Fond memories…

…of London. Today it’s exactly a year ago since I was there. For me it was the fourth time visiting the city, for my mum it was the first time she was there properly (she’d been there once for a day when I was a baby), so I was playing her tour guide and loving every minute of it. From all the places I’ve visited so far London is my favourite place to be, and I wish I could go back there soon.


View from the plane


Bit of sightseeing


Braving the ice cold wind for a quick snap on Millennium Bridge


A tour of Globe Theatre


Seeing the play ‘The Lion in Winter’ and meeting Joanna Lumley afterwards


A trip down Portobello Road

These are just a few highlights of all the fabulous things that we crammed into the 4 days that we were there. It’s such an amazing city, and there’s just so much to do and see that I could easily go back another four times and explore new things each time.


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