Baked Macaroni and Cheese

This is the lunch I cooked this afternoon. I was a bit nervous about it because I’d never made macaroni and cheese before, but the recipe sounded easy enough, and it turned out really great! The recipe I got from the lovely Karina over at Gluten-Free Goddess who has a knack for devising the most wonderful gluten-free recipes.

The full recipe can be found here at Gluten-Free Goddess, so I’ll just list the few changes that I made to it.

Instead of Cheddar cheese I used Emmental, and I didn’t have any cottage cheese so I used soft fresh goat’s cheese instead. Also I left out the addition of either dry sherry or white wine, simply because I didn’t have either. And lastly, I didn’t have any small cherry tomatoes so I used big grape tomatoes instead and chopped them into small pieces.

I didn’t have any ready-made gluten-free breadcrumbs either, so I used some leftover buckwheat crackers instead.


The end result was delicious, even if it doesn’t look all that great in the pictures (I need to work on my photographic skills when it comes to food).


But seriously, if you ever feel uninspired at that crucial moment when you need to whip up a quick dinner, just take a peek at Karina’s website. There’s something there for everyone, and her recipes not only accomodate a gluten-free diet, but a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle as well.


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