On My Bookshelf (8)

In this weekly meme I will highlight a book that remains on my shelf, unread and impatiently waiting to be picked up.


This week’s pick is The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk. I bought this book back in December, and I think the main reason why I haven’t read it yet is because it looks big and intimidating. I own the hardcover and it really is a massive book. But I guess I’ll need to bite the bullet soon and start reading it, because I really want to read more by Orhan Pamuk. I absolutely adored My Name is Red which I read last summer and I just fell in love with his style of writing. It’s so beautiful and poetic and unlike anything I’ve read before.


It is 1975, a perfect spring in Istanbul. Kemal and Sibel, children of two prominent families, are about to become engaged. But when Kemal encounters Fusun, a beautiful shopgirl and a distant relation, he becomes enthralled. And once they violate the code of virginity, a rift begins to open between Kemal and the world of the Westernized Istanbul bourgeoisie. In his pursuit of Fusun over the next eight years, Kemal becomes a compulsive collector of objects that chronicle his lovelorn progress–amassing a museum that is both a map of a society and of his heart. Orhan Pamuk’s first novel since winning the Nobel Prize is a stirring exploration of the nature of romance.


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