Quote It: On a T-Shirt

REDBUBBLE LOGOA bit of shameless self-promotion on this rainy Saturday, but this is something I’m really quite excited about!

I’ve been playing around with this idea for a while, and now I’ve finally gone and done it. I’ve started my own portfolio on Redbubble. I really love t-shirts with prints on them, and I’ve always been frustrated at the lack of a. shirts with great quotes on them and b. girlie shirts. So this whole idea behind creating my own portfolio is to offer t-shirts with fun, interesting, and hopefully more original quotes printed on them, because I think that there are already enough t-shirts with “To Be Or Not To Be” or “Okay” out there.

I’ve set up shop here with only 2 t-shirts available for now, but I intend to add more really soon. Also, if there’s a specific quote you’d love to have on a t-shirt (or iPod/iPhone/iPad cover) don’t hesitate to email/tweet me, or leave a message on this post and I’ll design it for you. Just bear in mind that it actually needs to fit on the t-shirt in a reasonable font size, so the quote should be no more than 2 lines ideally.

So what do you think of this new idea, yay or nay? Please share your favourite book quote below if you like, and tell me why that one stood out to you 🙂


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