Adventures of a Postgrad #1

This is mainly me apologising profusely for abandoning my blogging duties these past few weeks, but I’ve just been so busy and the days have just been flying by. I can’t believe it’s nearly October! Of course I did feel a little guilty for not blogging at all, but settling into a new life as a postgrad in a new country does take up a lot of your time, which I hadn’t expected to be honest. 

But it’s been fun so far and I’m having a blast. The university is great, my lectures and seminars are really interesting and I’ve met some very lovely people along the way. 

The only thing I haven’t really had time for, sadly, is read. I brought one book with me to Edinburgh which I started reading on the plane on the way over, and I’m still not even halfway through it (shock, horror). This is really unusual for me, and as much as I love being back at uni, I am also morning the loss of spare time for reading. 

So since I’ve no interesting book-related things to tell you for now, I’ll just show off some pretty pictures of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle
The view from Arthur’s Seat
Me being very proud of myself for having climbed all the way to the top

More pictures under the cut..

The department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies


The student union
Where I live
Beautiful canal near my flat
This made my fangirl heart beat a little faster

So that’s all I’ve got for you for now. I will definitely try to be back with some more book-ish stuff soon!





10 thoughts on “Adventures of a Postgrad #1

  1. I think reading can be excused when you’re in such a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing all your pictures. I need to visit Edinburgh sometime as well. I’m glad that your seminars and lectures are going well! Are you also a Teacher’s Assistant? I’m not sure if all Masters students need to become one. I think I would have Fangirled inside that Coffee shop as well ;). Hope you’re keeping well Phillipa!

    1. Thanks Savindi, and I’m glad you like the pictures! Edinburgh is a great city, I’m sure you’d love it. I’m not a teaching assistant, I don’t think that actually exists over here. The British system is quite different from the North American system I guess. Even Phd students don’t really teach over here either.

      I’ve not actually been inside the coffee shop yet because it’s always very busy and it obviously attracts a lot of tourists (and I’m sure the coffee is horribly overpriced as a result of that), but having coffee there is definitely on my ‘to do’ list 🙂

      1. I figured the system might be a bit different. Another friend who did her Masters in Scotland said there were no TA’s there and I thought “oh that’s interesting since TA’s and seminars are a big part of the curriculum here.” But not TA-ing might be a good thing too lol.

        Lol you’re right-the coffee is probably overpriced. I’m looking forward to seeing more posts about your time in Edinburgh Phillipa! Also isn’t it really late in the night for you lol?

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