My excitement knows no bounds

When I was casually scrolling through Twitter a few days back there was one thing that stood out and made my little bookish heart beat a little faster: Elif Shafak is coming to Edinburgh this month! Not only is she one of my favourite authors, which is enough to make me really excited about this, but it also gives me something to look forward to that’s wholly separate from this constant grind of studying, going to classes, and essay writing. I know it sounds like something insignificant to get so excited about, but when your life revolves pretty much around studying non-stop, something like this can really take the edge off. Sometimes it’s the little things, and we need to appreciate them more I think.

6542440In case you’re thinking: wait, who is this, and why are you so elated? Here’s a brief summary:
Elif Shafak is a Turkish novelist and political scientist, and has written 13 books including 9 novels. She writes both in Turkish and in English. Her novels include The Forty Rules of Love, The Bastard of Istanbul, The Gaze, The Flea Palace, and Honour.

 8322746 The-Gaze 2049640 honour-elif-shafak 9780670918805

She’ll be giving a talk on Politics, Women, and the Art of Storytelling at the University of Edinburgh on the 25th of March, and later that day she’ll be doing a reading at the Looking Glass Bookstore as part of their Istanbul Review Night. And best of all? Both events are free! (yes this is my inner student coming through right there). If it wasn’t already clear from my rambling I am BEYOND EXCITED, and will be blogging about it in detail afterwards.

And I will definitely be bringing my copy of The Flea Palace,  so I can (hopefully) have it signed.

Excited fangirl signing off now. More about this towards the end of the month 😀


Have you ever met any of your favourite authors? What was it like, and was it anything like you expected it to be? Share your experiences below.


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