A Return to Blogging

So I said I would be on semi-hiatus because of university. That was about a year ago. And my last blogpost was well over three months ago (oops). Due to everything that was going on in my life it turned into a full-on hiatus instead, and for a while I wasn’t sure I even wanted to continue blogging at all. I spent all summer in Edinburgh writing my Master’s dissertation, which took up most of my time, and caused me to read so much that I couldn’t bring myself to read anything for pleasure. But now that I’ve been back home for nearly two weeks my entire outlook on reading and blogging has changed again, you could say it has reverted back to normal, and I’m ready to get back to blogging regularly and, most importantly, reading for fun again! In the short time that I’ve been home I’ve already finished three books, and this is only just the tip of the iceberg. 

As you can see I’ve changed the blog’s theme, and I’m ready for a fresh start! So stay tuned for new book reviews, random book ramblings, and stories of this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival!

xox Philippa


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