A New Addition

So I’ve been away from this blog for a few weeks, and for several reasons. The first reason is that I’ve been away visiting family and friends which was really nice. I spent a few days in Amsterdam staying with best friend M and meeting up with some other friends whom I hadn’t seen in ages and I had such a good time.

And the second (and most exciting!) reason is that we got a new puppy a week ago! We lost our dear dog a year ago, on 4 April, and we were all heartbroken. For months we didn’t feel like we would be able to love another dog the way we loved him, but we finally came to the realisation that life’s pretty empty without a pet and that’s when we started looking for a new pup. We finally picked him up on Sunday, 22 March, so he’s been with us for just over a week. He’s a little Jack Russell, nearly 11 weeks old now, and he’s called Kalle (a Scandinavian name). We’re in love ❤



4 thoughts on “A New Addition

      1. Yeah definitely. And he came into our lives at exactly the right time as well. Saturday it’ll be exactly one year since our previous dog passed away, and I only recently started to feel ready to have another dog. Before that I just couldn’t imagine myself capable of having another one (but I’m pretty sure you know exactly what I’m talking about).

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